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Time to Touch Estonia - 2014

The Gypsy Folk Ensemble has once again been invited to perform at the Tantsupidu (Dance Festival) in Tallinn, Estonia in the summer of 2014.


click here to read more about the Gypsy Folk Ensemble's connection with Estonia.

The Road to Estonia - 2009

Estonian Song and Dance Festival - 2009

The Gypsy Folk Ensemble was invited to perform in the Tantsupidu of 2009, the dance festival that happens every five years in Tallinn, Estonia. Educational Communications videotaped this wonderful trip.


During the 3 days of the celebration, 34,000 singers and dancers performed for an audience of 200,000.


Educational Communications has produced a video documentary to commemorate this great event and the Gypsy Folk Ensemble's participation.


Estonia 2009 - Lecture/Demo

This lecture demo/presentation can include a video travelogue, short lecture and/or Estonian dances performed in authentic costumes by some of the members of the Gypsy Folk Ensemble who along with the film crew of Educational Communications traveled to Tallinn, Estonia in the summer of 2009 and participated in the Estonian Song and Dance Celebration there.

Other Programs

Various programs are available, suited to your venue or event, and offer a combination of lectures, slideshows, upclose viewing of authentic costumes, discussion of traditions, and dance programs.

Keynote speakers are available for lectures on the following subjects:






For more information or to book a program, please write to: or call (310) 559-9160

Cultural Anthropology and Protection of Cultures Around the World

Responsible & Ecological Travel & Ecotourism Opportunities

Humanity and the Planet: Helping Africans with Wells and Conservation



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